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Our Mission:

Relay Elementary provides all students with an engaging and rigorous student-centered learning environment, wherein students will reach their full potential as 21st Century Learners.  Relay provides the highest quality of instruction for all students using technology as a tool for learning.  Relay will equip students for the demands and opportunities of the 21st Century by offering a differentiated, effective, and rigorous curriculum that advances students on the path to college and career readiness.  Relay ensures a safe, disciplined, and caring environment, based on mutual respect.  As character development and citizenship are encouraged by all stakeholders, each child is valued as an individual.

Principal: Jason Barnett
Assistant Principal: Chara Pitarra
Main Office Telephone Line: (443) 809-1426
Arrival/Dismissal Times: 8:55 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


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