Relay Community History

                        First School

First Relay School

Relay Elementary is unique.  It is one of the few schools in Baltimore County that has preserved almost all of its previous structures.  The original Relay Elementary School, located at 1548 South Rolling Road, is in the Relay Historic District designated by Baltimore County.  It was built in 1864 and served as the one room schoolhouse for the area.  The school closed in 1920 and was turned into a private residence.  Linda Stevenson, retired Relay librarian, currently owns the schoolhouse.  After major restoration it still maintains the original windows containing student etchings, original wainscoting throughout, turnbuckles, and 14-foot ceilings.  The house is frequently used for community history tours. 

                        Second School

Second Relay School

Following the closure of the original school in 1920, a second Relay Elementary School building was constructed.  The school is located on the corner of South Rolling Road and Arlington Avenue in the Relay Historic District.  This building closed in 1965 and is now used by the Relay Children's Center for day care and private kindergarten.

                         Current School

Third Relay School  

The third building stood where our current fields are located today.  It was opened in 1965 and served the students of Relay for over 50 years.  As the student population grew over the decades, the third Relay School closed its doors in June of 2017 to make way for a larger state-of-the-art building.  

                   Relay New Building

Relay 4.0!

Relay is proud of its heritage, its educational achievements, and its community involvement. For more information about our historic community visit the Relay Community History Web Page compiled by the Arbutus Library.