STEM Resources

STEM Distance Learning Resources

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Life Science STEM

Try-Out 5 life/science STEM activities at home, including how to make a "bee hotel"

Top Take-Home STEM Resources

Even more STEM resources and lesson ideas that can be completed at home


STEM activities for the whole family that can be done at home

3 Weeks of Maker Stations

Step-by-Step guide to help you create weeks worth of fun for the little maker in your life

Roller Coasters: STEM at Home Activity

Design a safe and fun roller coaster using available materials

Plants in Space: STEM at Home Activity

Create a miniature tree house to grow plants without soil

Superhero Arm: STEM at Home Activity

Learn how to build a movable robotic hand and then turn it into a wearable superhero arm

Breakout EDU

Engage your child in an immersive gaming platform that brings the challenges of an escape room to the classroom